Limited Warranty

What does this Limited Warranty cover, who is covered, and for what period?
The FitBar Trainer is intended solely for use by consumers in a household setting and is not intended for commercial usage.  The limited Warranty described herein covers the purchaser when used for household purposes.  Usage of the FitBar Trainer for any other purpose invalidates the limited Warranty.  The limited Warranty covers defects in materials, manufacturing, and workmanship of a new FitBar Trainer purchased through System Fitness LLC,, or any System Fitness LLC authorized reseller.  The limited Warranty provides coverage to the original purchaser only and lasts for a period of one year starting the day of purchase.

What is excluded from Coverage?
The limited Warranty does not cover damage to doorways, walls, structure or anything that the FitBar Trainer touches.  The limited Warranty does not cover any damages resulting from misuse, to include but not limited to:  exceeding the rated load capacity, performing pull ups on the suspension bar, swinging of any kind on the suspension bar, performing pull ups on the suspension bar when stowed on the bar hooks on the pull up bar, using the FitBar Trainer when it is not properly assembled, installed, or used per the FitBar Trainer Assembly, Installation, and Usage Instructions, using the Suspension Bar on a bar of lesser structural strength than the FitBar Trainer, or using the handles on a bar or any apparatus of lesser structural strength than the FitBar Trainer.

The limited warranty does not cover damage resulting from environmental conditions, to include but not limited to:  degradation of the grips, straps, or ropes due to heat, cold, sunlight, or moisture.  The limited Warranty does not cover damage from normal wear and tear or damage that occurred during shipping.

How is the Warranty coverage determined and how do you get service? 
Should you believe you have a condition which is covered under this Warranty, you must provide 1) name, address, and phone number of purchaser, 2) proof of purchase (picture of original packaging, or copy of original purchase receipt), 3) conditions of use (where it is used, how it is used), 4) statement of items purchaser believes is covered under warranty, 5) and documentation of items believed to be covered under warranty (photos) to System Fitness LLC for determination of Warranty coverage.  The above items may be either emailed to, or mailed to the following address:

System Fitness LLC
Attn: Warranty Service
PO Box 540808
Merritt Island, FL 32954

Upon review of the provided information, System Fitness LLC will make an initial assessment of warranty coverage.  Should System Fitness LLC believe the condition is covered, the purchaser will be provided a Returns Goods Authorization (RGA) number and a shipping address.  The purchaser must ship the product or component, per System Fitness LLC’s instructions and at their expense, including the proof of purchase, to the address above.  Upon inspection of the received product or component, should System Fitness LLC determine that product or component is covered, System Fitness LLC, at their discretion, will refund the purchaser the full purchase price, or ship a replacement product or component at System Fitness LLC’s expense to the purchaser.   

How does state law affect this Warranty?
This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.