Grip Wheel Product Launch at the Savage Race Blitz 2018

Savage Race Training Tool Demo.jpg

Fantastic time at the Savage Race Blitz! We launched our new product, the Grip Wheel!! Its a great training tool for obstacle course racers, and can be very challenging. That said we had a number of men and women who really nailed it, like Halei Jo. She’s built tough and used her incredible upper body strength to her advantage. We’ll be posting pix and clip f her in the coming days.

We also debuted our upgraded rig. We will be adding more to it to show off even more of our product’s capabilities.


Heavy Duty Handles Upgraded

Chin up handles

We recently upgraded the design of the Heavy Duty Handles to fit 1 3/8" diameter pull up bars.  This allows the Heavy Duty Handles to be used with Rogue, Titan, and all the main brand pull bars, both wall mount and cage style.  They also can be used with door jamb style pull up bars, and of course the FitBar Trainer.

Check out the review from Animum_Regeon Reddit:


FitBar at the Space Coast Classic

deep stretch

Team FitBar had a great time at the Space Coast Classic 15k!  We brought our demonstration unit so we could show runners how to stretch using the suspension bar.  Runners loved the deep hip stretch, as well as myofascial release:  the foam-gripped suspension bar provides great pressure on calf muscles and glutes.  Thanks to Mike from Viera Pizza setting up a great event!

WorkoutMommy FitBar Trainer Review


Lisa at just posted a review of the FitBar Trainer!  Her blog covers many aspects of fitness, including workout tips, healthy eating, and fitness product reviews.  Topics are well researched and the writing is geared towards mothers who include, or are wanting to include, fitness in their daily lives.

She’s done some reviews of great products, and we were excited that she agreed to do a FitBar Trainer review.  Check out her blog!  She has fresh content every few days!

FitBar at the Space Coast Classic 15K!

Space Coast Classic 15k

Team FitBar will be setting up our demonstration rig at the 32nd Annual Space Coast Classic 15k and 2 Mile run.  This is the only 15k race in Brevard County and will be held on Sunday November 5th at Gleason Park in Indian Harbour Beach.  The run benefits The Children's Hunger Project, which helps provide Brevard elementary students the opportunity to carry food home for the weekend for students who need it.

Team FitBar will be demonstrating the FitBar Trainer, especially the stretching moves which allow runners to get a deep stretch after a hard run.  Team FitBar is proud to be a Classic Contributor for the event.

Click here to check out their facebook page or here to sign up up for the race.

Mike Hitt Does It Again!

Mike Hitt does it again!  He recently took 1st place right hand, 2nd place left hand, in the Michigan State Championship.  This is on top of recently taking 1st place in the 70 kg weight class at the American Armsport Association National Championships!  We salute Mike's dedication to the sport of arm wrestling, overall fitness, and being an ambassador for FitBar.  Be like Mike, get the FitBar Trainer, and get FitBarStrong!  ON SALE now!

Europa Games

child with FitBar

Team FitBarStrong Great time at the Europa Games in Orlando!  Lots of folks stopped by to check out the product, or to just show off their strength.  We also found that we have an untapped market - FitBar for kids!  There were a number of junior wrestling matches.  Parents loved the idea that could lower the suspension bar so kids could do pull ups.  And since the FitBar Trainer clamps to the wall, parents are don't have to worry of falling equipment like traditional pull up bars!


AMP Sports Med and Recovery and FitBar


Dr Mike Flores is the lead physician and owner of AMP Sports Med and Recovery in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, and is also a FitBar customer.  In fact, he liked using the FitBar Trainer so much he decided to incorporate the FitBar exercise modality into AMP.  We recently designed and built a custom FitBar Rack for his practice, which has added a second location.  AMP Sports Med and Fitness provides cutting edge assessment, treatment, and recovery services to clients looking to maximize their athletic performance.  The folks at AMP use the FitBar Suspension Bar and Rack and their percussive myofascial release tools to target recovery of specific muscles.  The AMP trainers also coach clients in performing FitBar exercises using the Rack. 

Dr Flores is a contributor to Modern Fitness Magazine and AMP Sports Med and Recovery was featured in the Spring 2017 edition.  Check it out!  Live! Recover! Repeat!

Team FitBar Supports WOB 5 and 10ks!

Space Coast Runner FitBar Winner

Team FitBar was a sponsor at the Viera World of Beer Tap It and Run 5 and 10k runs on January 15th.  Proceeds from the event went to the local high school band, who will use the funds to buy new equipment.  We were onsite with our doorway rig to demonstrate all the features of the FitBar Trainer.  We demonstrated the muscle rolling feature to a number of runners, who were happy to get their calves rolled.  The response from the crowd was extremely positive.  

We also gave away one FitBar Trainer to a lucky runner.  The winner runs for the Space Coast Runners, and is looking forward to using it after races!