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The FitBar Trainer is unlike any other exercise device on the market:

  • Quickly set-up in any doorway without door trim damage
  • Doesn't take up any floor space
  • Allows execution of dozens of exercises for every major muscle group
  • Allows anyone to increase strength, develop core muscles, and perform High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for maximum calorie burn.

The FitBar Trainer is used by both personal trainers and sports clinics, like Amp Sports Med and Recovery,  to maximize client performance.

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No Doorway Damage!

Other home exercise devices like pull up bars mark and damage the door trim.  The FitBar Trainer clamps the wall above the door trim, and won't mark or damage it.

Suspended Push Ups with the FitBar Trainer!

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Suspended push ups require you to to stabilize the bar using your core muscles, providing a total upper body/core working.  Check out the dozens of other exercises you can do with the FitBar Trainer - click here to learn more

The FitBar Trainer Video

Check out some of the moves you can do with the FitBar Trainer you can do at home!


Innovation, Quality, and Safety

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At System Fitness LLC, we take pride in designing and producing innovative products.  Our products are designed with user safety as a priority, and we don't skimp on component quality.  Join us on our journey to be FitBarStrong!