Pull Up using Ball Grips

Grip and Strength Training Tools

We design and manufacture the innovative FitBar line of products for use by ninja warriors, obstacle course racers, and anyone into fitness.  Our core belief is that body weight training is a key component to overall fitness and strength.  

Ball Grips (Cannonballs)

  • 3" Ball Grips are excellent for building grip, forearm, and biceps strength

  • Compatible with all rack and door jamb pull up bars

  • Great skills development for aspiring Ninja Warriors

Grip Wheel

  • Independently rotating wheels provide a complete workout for your upper body

  • Installs in seconds on any 1 3/8” diameter or smaller pull up bar

  • Extra thick foam grips are easy on your hands

  • Provides a challenging workout while sharpening your obstacle course skills

Heavy Duty Handles

  • Perform neutral grip and twist motion pull ups on any pull up bar

  • Hooks compatible with Rogue, Titan, and door jamb pull up bars


  • Parallettes for calisthenics, yoga, strength and body weight workouts

  • Perform inverted push ups, L sits, dips, hand stands, and dozens of other exercises

  • Soft foam grips for minimized hand strain on our Mini Parallettes

  • Oversize bar with underside flat for maximum stability on our Heavy Duty Parallettes

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