FitBar Products

FitBar Mount - $79

Patent Pending

FitBar Trainer - $119


FitBar Ball Grips - $29

Three Ways to get a Great Workout at Home

FitBar Mount:  Installs on any wall in your house, garage, or gym with 4 screws. 

FitBar Trainer:  Installs in any doorway.  No drilling of holes on doors or walls.

FitBar Ball Grips:  3" ball grips for use on the FitBar Trainer / Mount or any pullup bar. 

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Features of the FitBar Products

BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT:  Body weight workouts allow you to leverage your body weight to get the right muscle engagement.  Adjust the straps and your body position for more resistance as you progress.

OPTIMUM STABILITY:  Research shows that suspension training is excellent for working your core.  The suspension bar on the FitBar Trainer provides the right amount of stability to work your stabilizer muscles.

MULTIPLE GRIP POSITIONS:  Many grip positions for many exercise variations!

EASY FOOT ENGAGEMENT:  Easy to set-up and use.  Strap graduations allow you to quickly adjust the bar height for any exercise.

HEAVY DUTY HANDLES:  The two separately-sold S-hook handles are constructed of steel and will not crack.  Extra thick foam grips are super-comfortable in your hand.

STRENGTH TRAINING:  Strength training without weights.  Or add the FitBar exercises to your existing workout regime for a total body workout.

CORE EXERCISES:  Engage your stomach, oblique, and stabilizer muscles.

HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING:  Raise your heart rate with FitBar exercises.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE:  The rotating bar provides great relief post workout.

STRETCHING:  The suspension and pull up bars provide a great means to stretch tight muscles.

Maximum body weight workout

 Deep Row

Unlike traditional home suspension training equipment which requires the door to be closed, the unique design of the FitBar Trainer allows the user to get under the attach point to maximize the use of their body weight.

For even more resistance, put your feet on a chair when doing rows. or elevate the suspension bar for inverted push ups.

Optimum Stability

 FitBar Push Up

One of the many great features of the patent-pending FitBar design is the suspension bar.  It provides the right balance of stability and freedom of movement when performing exercises, engaging core muscles without stressing your joints.  The bar freely rotates throughout the movement promoting good form when performing core exercises and other moves.

Multiple Grip Positions

 wide grip pull up

Wide Grip

 Neutral grip pull up

Neutral Grip

 chin up

Close Grip

The pull up bar on the FitBar Trainer allows for multiple grip positions, so you can vary your strength workout.

Easy Foot Engagement


Unlike other suspension training equipment, the FitBar suspension bar allows you to quickly and easily set-up for exercises with your feet on the bar.

Heavy Duty Handles

 handles on suspension bar

Suspension Bar

Gaps in the grips allow the unique heavy duty handle with S hook to clip into multiple positions on the suspension bar.  A single handle can be clipped into the center of the bar for single arm exercises.

 handles on pull up bar

Pull Up Bar

Gaps in the pull up bar allow close, neutral grip pull ups.  The unique design allows for forearm rotation during pull ups.  The heavy duty handle has a solid steel tube and will not crack.

S hook Handles are sold separately from the FitBar Trainer.

Strength Training

 push ups in door

Push Ups

 row exercise


 suspension training Ys

FitBar Ys

These are just some of the strength exercises that can be performed on the FitBar Trainer at home.  The ability to get under the anchor point allows you to maximize your body weight resistance during your workout.  Push ups performed with the FitBar Trainer are like no other:  the slight instability of the suspended bar provides a great core workout!

Core Exercises



 leg raises

Leg Raises

 sit ups

Sit ups

The FitBar Trainer provides many options for working your core, including stabilizer muscles.  

High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT

The FitBar Trainer is perfect for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programs so you can get your heart rate in the aerobic zone.  The ridged anchor point can withstand high loads while the suspension bar allows you to quickly transition between moves.  Consult a physician before starting any exercise program

 jump squat in air

Self Myofascial Release (SMR)


SMR is used by many fitness enthusiasts and athletes to reduce pain and prevent injury after strenuous activity.  The unique design of the FitBar Trainer allows you to position the suspension bar at key trigger points.  The small diameter of the suspension bar concentrates the pressure with minimal force when rolling the muscle.  Learn more about SMR at sports-fitness-adviser.


 Hip stretch
 Upper body stretch

The suspension bar can be used to stretch the hamstrings, hips, back, and more.  

The pull up bar provides a means for a total upper body stretch!