Ever since American Ninja Warrior came out with Cane Lane in Season 10, an obstacle with large canes, Ninja gyms have created obstacles with canes, or poles with hooks. We applied the concept to our FitBar product line in a big way by keeping it small, using our existing metal hook with a metal tube, overlaid with an elastomeric sleeve. The result is the challenging MiniCanes, which pushes your grip strength to its limit!! These are unbreakable and indestructible. Great for pullups for grip strength training. Also great for use on monkey bars for short, single-handed laches from bar to bar. Features include:

  • Heavy duty metal core with elastomeric sleeve with 1.25” OD

  • 1.38” Hook diameter fits most pull up and monkey bars

  • Zinc plated parts for corrosion resistance

  • Qty 1 = 1 pair = 2 MiniCanes

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