Get FitBarStrong with FitBar!

We design and manufacture innovative strength and fitness products for use by ninja warriors, obstacle course racers, and anyone into fitness.  Our core belief is that body weight training is key to overall fitness and strength.  

FitBar Trainer

  • Quickly set-up in any doorway in any room without taking up any floor space
  • Perform dozens of exercises for every major muscle group, including core and stabilizer muscles
  • Perform High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), including assisted jump squats, plyometric lunges, and butt kickers
  • Increase flexibility with deep stretches using the pull up and suspension bars

FitBar Mount

  • All the great features of the FitBar Trainer in a wall-mount version

FitBar Ball and Wheel Grips

  • 3" Ball Grips are excellent for building grip, forearm, and biceps strength
  • 5" Wheel Grip targets finger strength

Customer Reviews

"Easy to install, well made, and perfect for full body cardio or strength training workouts!" Chelsea Cooke:  Fitness blogger

"I am loving the FitBar Trainer.  It's a must have in your home." - Mike Hitt, Professional Arm Wrestler

"Birthday gift from my wife.  Amazing product!  The only limit to the FitBar Trainer is yourself because the sky's the limit." - Gil Vargas, Musician

"I love it.  Have one at home, and a FitBar Rack at our facility." - Dr Mike Flores, Amp Sports Med and Recovery

FitBar Muscle Activation

 Muscle Activation with FitBar Trainer

There are dozens of exercises that can be executed with the FitBar Trainer.  Muscle activation of every major muscle group is possible.  Click below to see examples of how to properly execute the recommended exercises.

Grip Strength:  Most FitBar exercises
Biceps:  Close grip pull up, Biceps curl
Pecs:  FitBar push up
Abs:  Crunch, Leg raise
Quads:  Assisted Lunges
Deltoids:  Front raise
Triceps:  Triceps extension
Lats:  Row, pull up
Glutes:  Assisted Squat
Calf Muscles:  Inverted Squat

Fitness Product Comparison

 Fitness Equipment Comparison

There are many options on the market for home fitness.  You can fill a room with all the devices.  The independent straps of suspension trainers do not provide the stability of the suspension bar on the patent-pending FitBar trainer.  Pull up bars cannot provide the means to do rows, suspended push ups, assisted squats, and many other exercises.  We challenge you to find a single exercise apparatus that provides the range of capability as the FitBar Trainer.  If you don't agree or are not fully satisfied with the product, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

Click here to learn more about the FitBar Trainer, FitBar Mount, and FitBar Rack products.

FitBar Trainer Demo