Grip Wheel ™

Most gyms have rows of tread mills so you can work your legs and build up lower body endurance. Now you can work your upper body in the same manner. The patent-pending Grip Wheel™ provides an innovative approach to upper body strength and endurance training. Starting at a neutral position, you reach for the consecutive grips on a rotating wheel. This requires you to momentarily carry all your body weight on a single arm. The motion requires all of you back, core, arms, and grips strength. Features of this patent-pending product include:

  • Independently rotating “wheels” provide a complete workout for your upper body

  • Foam grips on steel tubes spin on bushings allowing smooth transitions

  • Great practice for the Spartan Twister obstacle

  • Installs in seconds on any 1 3/8” diameter or smaller pull up bar

  • Locking bar keep the Grip Wheel in place

  • Provides a challenging workout while sharpening your obstacle skills

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