FitBar Trainer


The FitBar Trainer is a patented device that allows the user to quickly get a full body workout at home or at the office.  It provides the capabilities of existing fitness equipment while providing additional key benefits and exercise modality (suspension bar). Features and benefits include:

  • It’s a single device that provides the functionality of multiple products; Pull up bar, suspension straps, muscle roller, ab wheel, ab straps (leg raises), push up blocks, and pull up assist bands, while providing an innovative exercise modality – the suspension bar.

  • The FitBar Trainer is quickly set-up and taken down in seconds. It will not damage the door trim, positively clamps to the doorway without screws, and will not fall down.

  • It can be used in metal-framed doorways found in offices and hotels, as well as wood trimmed doorways found in most homes. It can be installed in 36” and wider doors (most pull up bars can’t).

  • The suspended bar provides more stability than the straps of other suspension trainers, making usage more accessible to lower-strength users.

  • It provides the user the ability to get under the suspension bar attach point, allowing advanced users to maximize body weight / exercise resistance

Installation of the FitBar Trainer is easy.  Click Here for detailed installation instructions.

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Dozens of Exercises

Muscle Activation

Muscle activation of every major muscle
group is possible when using the Trainer:

Grip Strength:  Most FitBar exercises
Biceps:  Close grip pull up, Biceps curl
Pecs:  FitBar push up, inverted push up
Abs:  Crunch, Leg raise
Quads:  Assisted Lunges
Deltoids:  Front raise
Triceps:  Triceps extension
Lats:  Row, pull up
Glutes:  Assisted Squat
Calf Muscles:  Inverted Squat

Click below for additional features:
Body Weight Workout
Optimum Stability
Multiple Grip Positions
Easy Foot Engagement
Strength Training
Core Work
Myofascial Release


Innovative Design


Fitness Product Comparison


Pull Up Bar FitBar Trainer Home Gym Comparison

There are many options on the market for home fitness.  You can fill a room with all the devices.  The independent straps of suspension trainers do not provide the stability of the suspension bar on the patented FitBar Trainer.  Pull up bars cannot provide the means to do rows, suspended push ups, assisted squats, and many other exercises.  

We challenge you to find a single exercise apparatus that provides the range of capability as the FitBar Trainer.  If you don't agree or are not fully satisfied with the product, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!