Exercise System Overview

We've organized the FitBar Trainer and FitBar Mount exercises and movements into 5 categories so you can quickly find the training you are looking for.  Click below to access the index page for each series.

100 Series - Upper body / core:  this category, which includes suspended push ups and rows, works more of the upper body, while engaging certain stabilizers in the core.

200 Series - Core:  these exercises, which include pike, plank, and crunch, concentrate on the core, stabilizer, and mid-back muscles.

300 Series - Lower body / core:  these exercises, which include squats and lunges, work the glutes, quads, ham strings, and other leg muscles.

400 Series - Whole body:  these exercises, which include squat pulls, are combination movements which work the entire body.

500 Series - High intensity:  these exercises, which include jumps and kicks, quickly get your heart rate soaring.

Exercise chart

General Exercise Instructions

  • Always listen to your body, and adjust movements as needed.
  • Keep your spine neutral by naturally aligning the three curves of the back.
  • Keep your head and neck relaxed and in line with your spine.
  • Keep your chest lifted and your shoulder blades down and back, as if they are pointing toward your back pockets.
  • Inhale and exhale fully and naturally.
  • Keep your core muscles engaged by imagining a wide elastic band encircling your body spanning from just below the ribs down to the pelvic region; lift your pelvic floor into the center of this imaginary band. Allow the core to expand slightly as you breathe normally, but always return to the engaged core.
  • Keep knee and elbow joints soft, even when the leg or arm is straight.
  • Always wear non-slip shoes when working out.