Fits most any doorway

The unique patent-pending design of the pull bar on the Fit Bar Trainer is like no other home gym on the market.  It does not contact the face of the door trim, so it will not mark or damage the door trim.

The suspension bar can be installed on either side of the doorway.  We recommend installing in a doorway with 6 to 8 feet of clearance on the suspension bar side to maximize the exercise potential.  

Door width

Door Width

The optimum door width for installation of the FitBar Trainer is 30" to 36".   The design utilizes a combination of clamping force and trim strength to provide full load capacity.  It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the wood trim in doors wider than 36" has sufficient structural capability to support the user.

doorway trim

Wall and Trim

The pull up bar on the FitBar Trainer is adjustable, allowing it to accommodate doors in standard (4 1/2") and load bearing (6 1/2") walls.  Just use the holes on the pull up bar that correspond to your wall width.  The pull up bar design also accommodates standard (3" top of trim to bottom of casing)  and thick door trim (up to 4 1/2").