AMP Sports Med and Recovery and FitBar


Dr Mike Flores is the lead physician and owner of AMP Sports Med and Recovery in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, and is also a FitBar customer.  In fact, he liked using the FitBar Trainer so much he decided to incorporate the FitBar exercise modality into AMP.  We recently designed and built a custom FitBar Rack for his practice, which has added a second location.  AMP Sports Med and Fitness provides cutting edge assessment, treatment, and recovery services to clients looking to maximize their athletic performance.  The folks at AMP use the FitBar Suspension Bar and Rack and their percussive myofascial release tools to target recovery of specific muscles.  The AMP trainers also coach clients in performing FitBar exercises using the Rack. 

Dr Flores is a contributor to Modern Fitness Magazine and AMP Sports Med and Recovery was featured in the Spring 2017 edition.  Check it out!  Live! Recover! Repeat!