Beater Bar

Ever since Spartan Race came out with the Beater obstacle in fall of 2018, OCR athletes have had rotating bars to deal with when running Monkey Bars on the Spartan Beast. Our die hard FitBar customers came to us and asked for a training tool. We listened, and launched the FitBar Beater Bar!! Similar to the Grip Wheel, but different. The bars are larger and don’t rotate. The Beater Bar has a locking bar to keep it in place. The builds both upper body and grip strength, getting you ready for your next race. It can also be used for laches in Ninja set-ups. Features include:

  • 1.5” rotating bars with zinc coating for corrosion resistance

  • Installs in seconds on any 1 3/8” diameter or smaller pull up bar

  • Locking bar keep the Grip Wheel in place

  • Provides a challenging workout while sharpening your obstacle skills

  • Great practice tool for the Spartan Beater Obstacle

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