402 - Squat Pull
Purpose: Full body and functional mobility
Strap Range: 10-35
Setup: Hold suspension bar with wide overhand grip
Start Position: Lean back using the suspension bar for balance while walking feet towards anchor point to create desired resistance.
Motion: With shoulder blades down and back, body neutral and abs engaged, squat down by driving hips back keeping knees pointed in the same direction as toes. Stand and then execute a row, bending the arms, bringing the suspension bar toward the torso while keeping tension on the straps and allowing the elbows to move behind the body. Return to start position and repeat.
Finish: Walk away from anchor point and stow suspension bar
Progression: Increase speed. Move feet closer to the anchor point / make body less vertical, and allow the hips to drop lower.
Notes: Keep knees behind toes at all times.