401 - Plunge (Plyometric Lunge)
Purpose: Functional, full body, plyometric movement.
Strap Range: N/A - handles attached to pull up bar.
Setup: Attach handles to pull up bar and hold in a neutral grip (palms in), arms extended and body positioned under anchor point.
Start Position: Assume a lunge position with knee aligned behind lead leg and rear knee pointed down toward ground.
Motion: With shoulder blades down and back, body neutral and abs engaged, use upper and lower body strength to hop up and switch lead legs. Repeat.
Finish: Return to start position and release handles. 
Notes: Descend until lead thigh is just past parallel to floor. Hop up by extending knees and hips until legs are straight. Land softly.
Progression: Increase speed once a slower speed is mastered.
Variation: Place hands directly on the neutral grips on the pull up bar for more upper body, less lower body.