301 - Lunge Extender
Purpose: Core / lower body conditioning and balance
Strap Range: 0-20
Setup: Face away from the FitBar Trainer and hold bar down and with a wide overhand grip
Start: Walk away from the FitBar Trainer to create desired resistance. Assume a split squat (lunge) with front knee behind toes and rear knee pointed down. Lift arms overhead and find a comfort zone.
Motion: Keeping arms straight, sweep arms down while stepping the lead leg back next to the rear leg and standing up straight. Bar will be all the way down and slightly touching front of thighs. Lift/sweep arms overhead in a smooth motion, keeping tension on the straps throughout the entire movement and return to lunge position. Complete set and then switch lead legs and repeat. Return to start and repeat.
Finish: Walk towards from FitBar Trainer and stow bar.
Progression: Face toward the FitBar Trainer and do plyometric alternating lunges.